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Ever Been In A Car Accident?

The average American is in one car accident every 10 years.


Studies show that the ligaments of the Cervical Spine are weakened after even a “minor” auto collision. This weakening of the integrity of the Cervical Spine can result in abnormal motion of the spine, pain, and premature degeneration of the vertebral joints, more commonly known as osteoarthritis.

As the joints decay, they cause permanent damage to the Spinal Cord and nerves. This leads to not only pain and suffering, but to disease. HERE IS THE PROBLEM – IT HAPPENS SILENTLY!


After years of study, it is clear that the spinal ligaments can be stretched or torn during an auto collision. Previous studies have shown that the anterior longitudinal ligaments, the transverse ligaments, and the facet capsules can be damaged, even in “minor” crashes.


The scientific consensus is this: during an auto collision, the individual vertebrae of the spine move so rapidly and so extremely, the ligaments that hold the spine together are permanently damaged unless treated immediately.

Most people say “Yeah, I had an accident, but it was years ago.”

Well, the longer ago it was, the worse off you are. Even when adjusted immediately, it can take months or even years to correct the problems caused by collisions involving speeds over five miles per hour and of course you are riding in a two ton machine. When left alone these problems are disastrous.


That is another reason why EVERYONE YOU KNOW should be checked by a Chiropractor. If you have a 40-year old friend, they have more than likely had two or more accidents. Accidents they may not even remember anymore and may not think caused problems. But research shows, are slowly destroying their nervous system.