Holiday Survival Tips

Every year my patients ask me, “How do you stay happy and healthy during the holidays?”  My response is simple.  Eat well, stay active, prevent illness and injury, de-stress, help others, and last but not least, treat yourself.

Let me take a minute to expand on these six a little more.

  1. Eat well.  In today’s society it is easy to eat bad. I mean really easy and really bad!  To eat healthy takes a little conscious thought and action but it can ALSO be really easy.  We should aim to eat mostly vegetables and fruits and limit our consumption of processed foods.  The more processed, the worse the food is for you.  Pick anything in your cupboard and look at the ingredient list. What, if anything, can you pronounce or know what it actually is or where it came from?  Exactly.  Be conscious.
  2. Stay active.  If you already exercise, the holidays are NOT a time to stop.  If you have not been exercising, start now. Even walking. I always tell my patients, just keep moving.  Exercise will help to alleviate stress and tension and it will keep you healthy (not just physically but also will help ward off sickness).
  3. Prevent Illness and Injury.  Continue to take your vitamins.  There are three basic vitamins that I recommend to all of my patients, especially in the winter.  A multi-vitamin.  A fish oil with added vitamin D. And a probiotic.  This will help to boost the immune system and keep you healthy and well all holiday season.
  4. De-Stress.  It is important this time of year to not get too stressed out.  Remember the true meaning of the season and try to keep that in mind when dealing with family stress, financial stress, and work stress.  Try to manage your stress by planning ahead, try not to sweat the small stuff, and try to smile and laugh throughout your day.
  5. Help Others.  This Holiday season think about ways you can help those around you.  Is it family members who are in need of help or just a listening ear? Is there a homeless shelter nearby that you can serve at? Do you have extra clothes in your closet that you can donate to them?
  6. Treat Yourself.  While the holiday season is about giving to others don’t forget about yourself.  Treat yourself.  It might be as simple as an extra hour of sleep, a new book you’ve had your eye on or, an adjustment from your chiropractor!

So as we head into the Holiday season keep these 6 ideas in mind.  I wish everyone a happy, healthy Holiday Season.


Yours in Health,

Dr. Ronda