Vision & Goals for 2014

The New Year is right around the corner and with that comes you typical, New Years Resolutions.  For most Americans New Years Resolutions last all of about five days. Tops. Then it’s back to the old way.  This year I challenge you to sit down and set what I call, Visions for 2014.  If you want to call it goals or a resolution, great, but take a few minutes and set a career vision, a health vision, and a personal vision.


The trick with setting visions/goals is being as specific as possible.  The more specific it is, the easier it is to put action steps to each vision, and the easier it will be to obtain those visions.  When thinking about your visions and goals for 2014, think about these six core concepts: potential, future, balance, courage, compose, and discipline.

  1. Potential

-When we set visions/goals we are actually creating opportunities.

-Forget about the past and what may have happened in the past so you can move forward in your full POTENTIAL.

  1. Future

-Setting visions/goals is our way of looking into the FUTURE at the potential we have for our lives and that gives us drive.  Drive to get up each day give 100%.

-We need to be as specific as possible when setting our visions/goals.  I want to loose 15 pounds by March 1st, 2014.  I plan to go to the gym 4 days per week for 1 hour each time.  I will incorporate vegetables and fruit in my diet and eliminate wheat and dairy products to help achieve my goal.

  1. Balance

-We need to have BALANCE in all areas of our lives to help us feel fulfilled.

-Personal, health, and career visions help to keep our lives more balanced.

  1. Courage

-Having the COURAGE to go where we have never gone before.  To keep trudging along even when the going gets tough, even when we fall off track or even when we have no more energy to keep going we KEEP going.

  1. Compose

-Start basic and then go deep

-The more specific and concise your goals, the likelier you will be to achieve them.

-Make your goals quantifiable and use specific dates (I will loose 15 pounds by March 1st, 2014)

  1. Discipline

-Now comes the hard part.  Holding ourselves accountable for our goals.

-Start to incorporate them into your daily life.

-Put sticky notes on your mirror or on the refrigerator to help you achieve your goals.


As the New Year approaches encourage you all to set visions for the upcoming year and years to come.  I would like to help each and everyone of you reach your visions/goals for 2014. If you know you need an accountability partner, I am here for you.  Let me help you achieve your visions.  My vision for each one of you is to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled in 2014 than 2013.  Best of luck!!!


Yours in Health,

Dr. Ronda