New Year, New You?


Vision & Goals for 2014

The New Year is right around the corner and with that comes you typical, New Years Resolutions.  For most Americans New Years Resolutions last all of about five days. Tops. Then it’s back to the old way.  This year I challenge you to sit down and set what I call, Visions for 2014.  If you Read More

Healthy Thanksgiving Feast

Tis’ the season for the Holidays! However, with the Holidays comes food, and lots of it.  The majority of the time the food we consume or that is available to us, is not on the healthy options list. Yet we still chose to eat it, saying we will start fresh come the New Year.  Why Read More

Holiday Survival Tips

Every year my patients ask me, “How do you stay happy and healthy during the holidays?”  My response is simple.  Eat well, stay active, prevent illness and injury, de-stress, help others, and last but not least, treat yourself. Let me take a minute to expand on these six a little more. Eat well.  In today’s Read More

AVOID the Flu…and the shot.

Tis the season for the Flu shot.  If you have not already seen the flood of Flu shot signs go up everywhere you soon will.  You will also be pressured by your Physician, your kids school and the pharmacies to run out and protect yourself from the Flu by getting this years Flu Shot.  I Read More