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Cranial Adjusting


Dr. Ronda is trained in Cranial Adjusting (CATS: Cranial Adjusting Turner Style).  This is where the skull bones, or cranial bones can subluxate (be out of place) more commonly from trauma, including the birth process. In young children, these subluxations then interfere with the brain and development. Cranial adjusting uses the basic chiropractic principle: when a cranial bone is out of place, it causes neurological dysfunction. Put it back into place and restore that function.  It doesn’t take long but it is highly beneficial and effective for a range of problems that were previously thought to be incurable from headaches to autism. Over the years cranial adjusting has been known to bring about significant improvement in the following issues:


Headaches                                      Brain fog & Injuries                               Memory Issues

Head injuries                                          Autism                                            Concussion

Learning difficulties                               ADHD                                            Vision & Hearing