Patient Info - Dynamic Family Chiropractic


"I came to Dynamic Chiropractic because of a referral from Bob Schellenberg, my husband, when I began experiencing pain in my left hip. It was even causing me to fall periodically. I was also beginning to “walk like a duck” – something I noticed older women do. I did not wish to call my doctor as I was afraid that he would just prescribe pain medication. So I asked Bob if he knew of a chiropractor who was part of BNI.
He suggested Dr. Ronda Vander Wal.
I was skeptical, when I first made the appointment, as I had accompanied at friend of mine once to another chiropractor, which resulted in a bad experience. But, when I entered the office of Dr. Ronda, I was immediately impressed with the atmosphere… Soothing music, friendly staff and an overall calming environment relieved my trepidation.
Then I met Dr. Ronda, and the positive first impression was confirmed.
I have been seeing Dr. Ronda for three (?) years now, and I have very little reoccurrences of hip pain, my posture is greatly improved thanks to her treatments for realignment, and I no longer walk like a duck! Thank you, Dr. Ronda!