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Dynamic Family Chiropractic spells “State of the Art” in technology. From touch-screen login computer stations to On Surface EMG, Dynamic Family Chiropractic has the latest in chiropractic technology. SEMG is a device which measures the amount of electrical activity in the muscles (the muscles of the back & neck that support the spine). These muscles brace or tense-up in response to spinal misalignments (Vertebral Subluxations) and therefore send increased electrical signals. If there is any interference with communication between the brain to the rest of the body through the spine, the SEMG will pick this up. When we combine the computer-aided technology with the traditional x-rays and exam, we are able to pinpoint where in the spine the nerve roots are being irritated, and what areas of muscle are functioning incorrectly as a result of the nerve interference. A vertebral subluxation leads to improper electrical impulses which can lead to poor health.

The instrument can print out a colorized bar graph of the patients back along with a narrative report explaining the findings of the report. Each patient will receive SEMG and will also be monitored from visit to visit so the effectiveness of the adjustment can be monitored.

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"When I first came to Dynamic Chiropractic, I was hurting in my back, in my lower back and in my neck. I was consistently getting headaches three times a week. I was always popping pills. After about 4 or 5 visits, my back was 90% better. My neck no longer hurts; my headaches are gone! It is a wonderful feeling. I have been to chiropractors before but Dr. Ronda changed everything. I am no longer in pain. My spine was leaning to the left, now it is straighter and the red spots going away. My body is healing and I really feel a big difference in how my body reacts to different moves that I could not do before."


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