My Mission

For nearly a decade, my mission has been to help as many people in my lifetime as I possibly can, especially children.

The actions we carry out to accomplish this include specific chiropractic adjustments, on-going wellness education, and a commitment to excellence in our service. Dynamic Family Chiropractic believes that every individual (adult or child, newborn or senior citizen) has the inborn ability to heal themselves and express their God-given potential. Corrective Wellness Chiropractic Care assists in this process by reducing interference to the body’s master control system, the nervous system.


"When I first came to Dynamic Chiropractic, I was hurting in my back, in my lower back and in my neck. I was consistently getting headaches three times a week. I was always popping pills. After about 4 or 5 visits, my back was 90% better. My neck no longer hurts; my headaches are gone! It is a wonderful feeling. I have been to chiropractors before but Dr. Ronda changed everything. I am no longer in pain. My spine was leaning to the left, now it is straighter and the red spots going away. My body is healing and I really feel a big difference in how my body reacts to different moves that I could not do before."


Staff Section

Meet The Team

Dynamic Family Chiropractic is a family-owned, energetic group of individuals, lead by Dr. Ronda L. VanderWall. Each member of Team Dynamic Family Chiropractic brings unique gifts to better serve each patient.

Dr. Ronda VanderWall


J.R. VanderWall

Office Manager

Marilyn Dykstra

Chief Financial Officer

Sherry Austin

Front Desk Manager

Heather Blake

Front Desk Manager

Jaci Timmermans

Massage Therapist

Trish Kooiker

Massage Therapist

Melanie Peters

Chiropractic Assistant