Neuro Toxin Poster 11 x 17Nerve interference (center) – being the keystone to the puzzle. If your brain body connection is interfered with, this is the start of dysfunction throughout the body. Nerve interference is assessed though detailed history, digital postural analysis, digital nerve scan and any necessary x-rays.

Nutrition (top) – is assessed through first consulting with the patient to arrive at exactly what their body needs. We have revolutionary eating plans that are not just another ‘fad diet.’ Our nutrition plans are the most effective and cutting edge eating plans available today. Plans include The Body By God Plan, The Basic Nutrition Plan, and The Advanced Nutrition Plan or ‘Healing Diet.’

Heavy Metals (right) – There are many sources of exposure to heavy metals such as lead and mercury (see mercury rising article). We are able to assess heavy metals through patient history and lab testing to see exact levels of toxicity you may not even know your body is dealing with. The good news to, for most people we are able to truly detoxify them of these metals once we’ve located them as a problem (see true detox and testing article).

Biotoxins (left) – With the advent of modern construction, biotoxins are becoming more and more common today. Mold at work and at home, presents one of the most common biotoxic exposures today, many times going unnoticed. As well, biotoxins from Lyme disease are also very prevalent today and more often than not go unrecognized. These toxic issues are assessed through patient history, visual contrast sensitivity testing, and specific blood testing.


Comprehensive Metabolic Testing – Find out what specific nutrients your body needs at a cellular level. No more wasted money on guessing what supplements you need. This test will locate exactly what your body needs and requires.

Biotoxicity – Find out if you have toxins from living organisms such as mold or lyme affecting your immune system and nerve function.

Heavy Metals – find out what metals are burdening your nervous system and toxifying your organs and tissues.

NMR Lipoprofile -find out if you are at risk for heart disease by analyzing the size and number of cholesterol molecules in the blood; a major factor in cholesterol oxidation and atherosclerosis.

Cardiac C- Reactive Protein – This test will find out your true risk of cardiac disease because it tests for inflammation of the cardiovascular system. If you have inflammation, your risk increases greatly for cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, we have access to any blood or urine test available today to serve you best. If testing is indicated in your consultation, rest assured, we can get whatever information we need from our laboratories.


Core Nutrient Program – Even those who eat perfectly still miss many nutritional requirements for true health. The Core Nutrient Program is a foundational supplementation program everyone needs as humans to build healthy cells.

Customized Supplementation Programs – Through testing, we can assess your body’s exact needs as far as supplementation goes. Stop wasting money on supplements and get tested. (See Comprehensive Metabolic Profile).