Exercise and Chiropractic

Many people understand the benefits of exercise for overall health and wellness. It’s no secret that taking care of your health requires some time and effort. This applies to both regular chiropractic care AND physical fitness. But how does exercise play a role in the health of your spine? Find out below!

Similarly to chiropractic care, working out helps keep your body functioning at its best. It improves range of motion and flexibility and can reduce joint pain. Exercise can also help reduce your risk of chronic conditions and it releases endorphins (your body’s feel-good chemicals). 

Together, chiropractic care and exercise are the perfect pair! These two things are ultimately best described as part of a wellness routine. While you may feel better after doing it just once or twice, that isn’t enough. Over time, you may notice not only relief from the pain that’s been bothering you, but also improved stability and strength. 

Exercise can work to improve the flexibility of your tendons and ligaments, preventing injury and back pain from everyday activities. For example, strengthening your core muscles may be helpful in resolving your low back pain. Finding the right type of exercise and the right amount of it could be key to helping you reach your wellness goals!