Chiropractic Care for the Pregnancy and Post-Partum Periods

When we take a moment to consider all of the changes a woman’s body goes through to grow, carry, and deliver a baby, it’s no wonder that almost 80 percent of women suffer with back pain throughout and after pregnancy. Changes stem from the growth of the uterus and baby and cause the pelvis to tilt as the bump grows. This creates added stress on the low back and is furthered by compromised core strength and pelvic floor changes.

After birth, taking time to properly heal and recover will help re-strengthen the affected areas and allow your body to function at it’s best. 

What can you do to encourage good posture in the postpartum period?

  1. Get adjusted
  • Regular adjustments while pregnant and after pregnancy will encourage a healthy nervous system and proper spinal alignment.
  1. Follow the 5–5-5 rule after birth to allow your body time to rest and heal.
  • 5 days in the bed (Spending as much time skin to skin with your baby, promoting bonding and rest. Only leaving bed to use the restroom and shower)
  • 5 days on the bed (Limiting your time up to 30 minutes every few hours, continuing to prioritize recovery, rest, establishing breastfeeding, and bonding with baby)
  • 5 days around the bed (Listening to your body but continuing to spend the majority of your time resting. Continue to nourish your body and stay hydrated and enjoy allll of the baby snuggles)
  1. Nourish your body
  • Quality, nutrient-dense foods will fuel your body and provide the things you need to recover. Be sure to stay hydrated and eat regular meals and snacks.        
  1. When your body is ready, incorporate gentle belly-breathing exercises.