How to Prep your Body for Pregnancy with Chiropractic

A common misconception with chiropractic is that it is just used in the later months of pregnancy as a treatment for back pain or as a last-minute attempt to “flip a breech baby”. The truth is…chiropractic has so many more important benefits in preparing your body for pregnancy.

  1. Chiropractic aims to detect and reduce stress on your body’s nervous system. Fostering a stress-free environment for both parents to promote fertility and development. 
  1. Increased immune function.
  1. Helps regulate menstrual cycle and ovulation by optimizing spinal alignment (essential for nervous system and endocrine system function).
  1. Ensures that all reproductive organs are receiving proper nerve supply.
  1. Your chiropractor can help guide your fitness, nutrition, and supplementation choices in pre-conception and offer support where needed.