How to break negativity loops in life

When our body is caught in a negative thought loop, it can lead to a mental spiral and deeper worry. Our brain is unable to distinguish the difference between the present, present and future when trapped in this loop. Breaking the negativity loop may not be super easy but it can help mental health improve significantly. 

Recognize Negative Thoughts 

Negative self-talk and blaming yourself for what you think may be wrong is not the healthy way to process thoughts. Recognizing these negative thoughts is the first step in breaking the cycle. 

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Remember, much of your worries are about things that will not happen. There are a lot of factors that we cannot control in life but we can control how we think and react to them. Try putting a positive spin on things. Here is one example, instead of saying ‘I never get anything right” we could say “I haven’t figured it out yet!”

Be a FRIEND to Yourself

Would you say the things to yourself that you would to your best friend? Of course not! One simple way to stop self criticizing is to treat yourself like you treat one of your dearest friends. 

Be Mindful 

Exposing your mind to violent or negative media can affect how your brain processes thoughts. Try exposing yourself to less negative content such as unfollowing accounts that cause negative feelings or reactions.

Be present, be mindful and try to focus on the positive! You’ll be surprised how much it affects your life.