What are subluxations and how subluxations affect us

What is a subluxation and how does it affect me?

A subluxation is the word used to describe interference in the spine and there are two types:

  1. Structural

These subluxations pinch or pull the nerves, causing disturbances in their function. Structural subluxations are usually caused by physical stress or trauma.

  1. Misalignment from emotional or chemical stressors

When your nervous system gets overwhelmed by these factors, it creates imbalance as muscles on one side of the spine work harder than those on the other side. This creates more imbalance and a repeating cycle of misalignment in your spine.

Both types of subluxations can occur without pain. That’s because your body may exhibit symptoms such as allergies, increased illness/ a weakened immune system, decreased range of motion, or even digestive problems.

What can you do?

Work with a chiropractor to get your spine checked for interference regularly and get adjusted. By getting adjusted, you are working to ensure optimal function of your body!