How Your Cervical Spine is Affecting Your Health

Our cervical spine has a ton of responsibility! Many times, a subluxation creates a symptom and regular Chiropractic Care focuses on the root of your issue and SOLVING it! Here’s a few responsibilities our cervical spine has.

C1- Helps support healthy blood flow to our brain and face. Could be directly related to headaches or chronic exhaustion, or even blood pressure issues.

C2-Eyes, sinuses, tongue. Could directly relate to sinus troubles and allergies as well as ear infections.

C3- Cheeks, teeth, face bones and outer ear. Could relate to ear infection, skin problems including but not limited to eczema or acne.

C4-Nose, lips and mouth. Could help with running nose, fevers, hearing loss. 

C5- Vocal cords and neck glands. Can relate to throat hoarseness, and other cold symptoms.

C6- Neck, shoulders and tonsils. Can relate to stiff neck and shoulders, tonsillitis, chronic coughing.

C7- Can support thyroid gland, also shoulders and elbows. Could help alleviate cold symptoms.